How do YOU get your workout in?

So currently I am trying to get my body re-aligned correctly using things like Egoscue method that my friend Sean over at his Body Restoration Clinic has set me up with.  I hope to some day get certified to also teach all of you these exercises to help you get rid of aches and pains.  For a long time I didn’t want to start something like this since I am not certified and I am a nut about proper form and body mechanics so you don’t get injured or further aggravate existing problems.  Yet, I figured I have some good stuff to share with all of you – and if I keep it simple it will go okay.

Anyways, so these series of exercises take me about 30 mins to do and I like to do them before I do my cardio so I am training my body to work properly (more about that later).  (Besides training your body to work properly in line so you don’t get aches, the excercises – and they are exercises believe me, I will incorporate some of the easier ones into my workouts such as #10 on workout #2 – is they make you feel nice and relaxed just like a massage.  Really, they do!)  So I started these at about 7:15 this morning…and finished them at about 10:45!

No, I didn’t workout that whole time, silly.  You know that.  I had the DH asking for some help with lunch, kids wanting breakfast, preschooler wanting to learn his new computer games, baby needing a nap, cleaning up from breakfast, etc.  The point is, I just keep trying and I WILL get them in.

But even after all this I still wanted to get some real cardio in, at least 10-15 mins (okay, I was aiming for 20 but time is short and it is hot outside!)  Baby is waking up from nap, #1 is having a melt down since I tell him computer time is over…and I am supposed to be getting ready to go to the park for a lunch/play date right now.  But I am determined to get some cardio in…especially since I am encouraging all of you to get your workout in!

What did I do…set #1 up with some watercolor paints in the garage (we have a table for him), brought the high chair out and set #2 up with some snacks, and wham I got a good 12-13 minutes in before I called it quits to right this.

See, where there is a will there is a way.  Don’t feel like you have to get even a whole 20 mins in to make it a workout.  I know I used to think that if I couldn’t make it at least a 1/2 hour it wasn’t worth it.  But you WILL reap benefits from just a few minutes of getting your heart rate up…both physically and mentally.  It is not about the daily grind with your workouts, but about the long-haul…and you have a better chance of sticking with the long haul if you do even just a little bit more often than a lot not so often!

So – how do YOU get your workout in?

Growing pains

So the reason I am slow to be filling this blog out is cause I am not sure WordPress is going to work how I want it to. I appreciate you patience and support while I figure all this out. It is of course taking me doubly as long since it is hard to get a time to work on it and keep my thoughts straight with two kids around!

For now, I think I want to make this page a true blog page where I journal my thoughts about staying healthy with kids. Workouts will be listed on the Fitness page & on the list of pages to the right…as well as my “blogs” on nutrition, motivation, family fitness, etc. The way WordPress is set up…I cannot “blog” on those pages for they are static, so each new “blog” entry will be a new page.

At the top each blog I will have instructions to read the “Read First” page that will have lots of important information to read before you get started. I hope to get that page up soon. I will try to limit my writing so you can get to the important stuff – the workouts and your family (or the other way around!). So when you are looking for the blog of the day/week…you will just skip the first paragraph.

I hope to have all this sorted out soon so you know where to join me in the future. I am looking into getting an actual website – but since I am going for free ones I want to ensure I get a good one that won’t randomly disappear here and there!